3 Things to Keep in Mind When Booking a Fishing Pier for Your Next Event

Are you the main coordinator of a major event? Choosing the wrong location for something as important as a company luncheon, a family get-together, or a wedding reception can put you in the hot seat for whomever you’re answering to. Instead of sticking to a regular reception hall, why don’t you add some flair to your event by hosting it at your local fishing pier? With beautiful sights and calming scenery, it’ll be an event that people will talk about for months to come. As you consider whether this type of venue suits your event, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

1. Nature Boosts Health and Benefits Your Mood

We’ve all heard that Vitamin D is good for us and that we need to get out into the sun more, but the outdoors have much more to offer your guests. Studies show that spending time in nature can promote mental health and improve mood, even when subjects only spend a short period of time outdoors. Researchers found that subjects who spent time in nature had less activity in the part of the brain linked to mood disorders and negative patterns of thought. In other words, a great way to promote positive energy for your event may be to take things outdoors!

2. Outdoor Events Can Be More Economical Than Indoor Events

Chances are that booking a fishing pier for your event will cost much less than a reception hall or a private room in a restaurant. You won’t be paying for the facility’s overhead, such as rent, electricity, or other fees. In addition, instead of renting seating, you might consider using any picnic tables near the pier or asking guests to bring their own blankets for a picnic lunch.

However, it’s also important to keep in mind that outdoor events may incur other fees: a tent rental may be necessary in case of inclement weather, and if the fishing pier is not near a shelter with restrooms, you may need to rent portable toilets as well.

3. Be Aware of State Regulations

Many states have rules and regulations pertaining to outdoor activities. Usually, you’ll be liable for any damage your guests cause on the property, as well as for any trash left behind. Some species of wildlife are protected, prohibiting you from interfering with their natural habitat during certain seasons. Swimming and surfing can also pose a problem and are often restricted. Be sure you’re familiar with the fishing laws in specific seasons so your guests don’t get into trouble catching and eating a species of fish they had no idea was protected.

Planning your next event at a fishing pier can provide a unique memory for your guests, but it’s important to approach the occasion thoughtfully. By planning well in advance and keeping these considerations in mind, you can ensure that your special event turns out to be unforgettable!